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Optimized compilation

for the electronic scoresheet which officially replaces the paper version: limiting the intervention of the operator, it tries to eliminate any error by checking all situations and unforeseen circumstances during a match. 

A perfect compatibility

with all Data Project products. It’s connected with Volley Board and LiteScore for the official score, with Data Video Essential for the videos synchronization, with Data Volley for the line-up.

Database integrated

thanks to Web Competition Manager, to fill the match information and the rosters in the scoresheet and it transmits in real time the score to the Live Score.

To speed the game phases

and to facilitate the scorer’s job, two different apps: one for referees, to quickly consult information, one for the bench, to send requests such as timeouts and substitutions. 

The scoresheet always perfect

E-Scoresheet is the software that guides you to compile the match scoresheet in real time, through automatisms, in order to limit to the maximum the intervention of the operator, by checking all situations and unforeseen circumstances that may occur during a match and by suggesting an eventual solution.

Innovation and Integration

E-Scoresheet connects to the organization website in order to automatically update the score, and the database. Also updates the LiveScore. It is fully integrated with all others Data Project products, creating a complete and interactive system.

Technical Requirements

Minimum OS Version: Windows 8.1

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