You’ll just wonder why you haven't used it before

The ideal for all devices

to follow with a touch the trend of the game from the bench and to have an easier version of the match to hand. The system is now available for operating system such as iOS, Android, Windows and you can scout using any tablet or computer.

Your perfect analysis

thanks to the simple data just collected. Basic statistics allows you to get useful info to evaluate athletes performance, while the attack and serve directions help you to adapt the game strategy in real time.

Not only indoors…

but also Beach Volley and Green Volley. Use the software potentiality to customize the system and to transform the court with a click, changing the players number and positioning. 

A system that communicates

with other Data Project software: you synchronize the scout with the footage of the match and watch videos of rotations and statistical data with Data Video Essential, you get an in-depth analysis both individual technical and team tactical with Data Volley.

A great tool for your team!

By clicking on the virtual court, the program will show you the sequence of skills and location where they are performed. Without any additional efforts the attack directions are automatically recorded and different colors are used to differentiate the skill results; helping you to read and analyze the relevant data quickly.

Stats analysis

The statistical report gives you immediately a complete view of the whole match. General stats show the individual players' performance. Attack is divided and analyzed by player and in the different phases and rotations. Nothing is left out.

Analyzing game situations

Accurate analyses allow you to evaluate the opponent and your team's performances during a match. Information such as setter zones, receiving efficacy by zones, serve and attack direction tendencies, which will help you to make better decisions during the match.

Historical analysis

Compare the data from multiple matches by measuring the results against goals that you want to achieve. Check your team's performance at any time by analyzing the skills with poor performance after losing a set. Compare the current stats with those from a previosly played match. There are no limits to how much data you can analyze.

Not only for indoor…

Beach Volley and Green Volley also have the same ease of scouting. Choose the regulation and the teams according to the type of the tournament; and scout the match. Print the statistical report if you would like to analyze data in the same way as an indoor match.

Technical features

Click&Scout is a multi-platform software, which can be used on Windows (not RT) tablets and iPad. It can also be used on Windows OS desktops and laptops. Click&Scout offers different language options allowing you to choose the most comfortable display language for your scouting needs. Finally, the scout file produced is completely compatible with Data Volley.


Click&Scout is compatible with all pc/notebooks that use Windows, and not necessary with a touch screen as it can also be used with the mouse. However, Click&Scout doesn’t work on MAC OS anymore and it’s not possible to buy.

The iPad lite version is available on the App Store.

No, you cannot transfer an active license. You will need to purchase a second license or when your license expires renew it and activate it on the new device.

No, the license can be activated on only one computer and it can't be transferred to another computer

When you purchase Click&Scout you will be able to use the product almost straight away. When you have completed the payment via credit card you will be able to download the installation setup straight form the website. In the mean time you will receive an e-mail with the activation code.
I have received the e-mail with the activation information, but the program will not accept the purchse code.
Make sure you have entered the purchase code correctly and remember to include all symbols in the e-mail (the code usually ends with ==). Make sure there are no blank spaces before the code, we suggest you copy and paste the code from the e-mail to avoid typing errors.

Dowload the setup file for the last version from the Download section. Save the ClickScout_Setup file in any folder on your computer or desktop and launch the installation as administrator (right click on the file icon and select ‘’run as administrator’’).
If the problem persists, uninstall Click&Scout, disable the antivirus and install the program as administrator (right click on the file and select ‘’run as administrator’’). Once complete restart the computer.

Once you have done this, restart yout computer. If you use the ‘’Avira’’ antivirus you may need to uninstall it.

From the Download section download the last version of Click&Scout, launch the installation as administrator (right click on the file and select ‘’run as administrator’’).
Once complete restart the computer.

In this case there is no point entering the activation code as it is already being used.
Download the last version of Click&Scout from the Download section and launch the installation as administrator (right click on the file and select ‘’run as administrator’’).
Once complete restart the computer.

Contact Data Project and request remote assistance, available Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 12:30pm and from 4:00pm to 6:00p (italian time). You will need your computer and an internet connection.

1 - open command prompt (hit start button, type CMD, right click, run as Administrator
2 - type the following:
    net localgroup /add Users
    net localgroup
    (lists all user groups. should now see one called Users)
3 - Re-try installing the ClickScout.

Yes. If the license “disconnects" after upgrading, please restore it with this procedure:
1- Log in the personal area of this site and click on the RESET iPad. license.
2- Open the app on your iPad, tap "Continue", enter your username and password (the same as your Data Project's account) and instead of buying please tap "Restore license" (blue button below)




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WARNING: The License for iPad is available for purchase ONLY through the Apple AppStore.

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