The season video database accessible to all coaches

Take all the videos

of your championship, from an archive available for the whole season: share the footage of your matches and take advantage of the possibility to get the video of other teams from the same championship.

Automatic conversion

if you export in an incompatible format. If you record directly from the software instead, the video is ready for upload. In both situations you can add the scout from Click&Scout or Data Volley

Save time with the download

queue of the matches that you are interested in watching: you just choose the videos you want and as soon as they are available, the videos will be automatically downloaded.

Access without login

for your guest, thanks to a ticket system that allows a not registered user to upload a match or to download a video. No need to give you username and password.

All your videos available at your convenience

Send the video right after your match is done and schedule the download of all the matches of the competition day at the same time. The data of each match uploaded is available during the entire season.

A valuable and reliable system

The access to the video is protected and restricted to only the users participating in the service. In case of losing the internet connection the program automatically reconnects and resumes data transfer without losing any information.

A fast and integrated system

Designed to be used together with Data Volley and Data Video; Video Sharing allows the user to upload or download a match. The software can generate tickets granting individual match access to others. Further, by using direct capture the video is ready to upload immediately after the match.



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