The system to improve the accuracy of on-court decisions

Instant Replay System

that enables the careful detection of typical volleyball violations and balls in/out, featuring up to 23 high speed cameras positioned on the court, recording with high quality resolution (200fps).

Easy installation

Each camera is fitted with a protective cover, designed for a very low visual impact. The limited length of cables needed to connect the system allows for easy and fast installation.

Simplified interface

to facilitate to the maximum all the consulting and recording operations: it takes only few keyboard typing, for example, to mark the most crucial moment so that you can quickly find them later.

Customize the VideoCheck

with wallpapers and logos of the teams and then transmit it to the referees and the local TV or, thanks to Volley Board, on the videowall. The recording are always available also in slow motion.

Recording, replay and broadcasting

VideoCheck cameras record up to 200 frame per second, adapting to every camera the optimal speed to actually capture all the balls played. On teams demand, it is possible to quickly watch again the actions and send the images to the widescreens of the venue and to live television.

What does VideoCheck detect?

The structure of VideoCheck System allows the placement of high speed video cameras (up to 200/fps) around the court to detect a number of violations.

System composition

VideoCheck composition can change, depending on the needs: it is possible to choose between the Complete System (23 cameras) and the Basic System (19 cameras). On request, it is possible to customize the system, based on the court layout and the faults to detect.

System configuration

VideoCheck is easy to use: the software interface is intuitive and user-friendly and the installation is simple and fast. The configuration of the system and its management have been designed for an uncomplicated setup, being supported by mobile devices that help the cameras configuration (iOS and Android apps available).



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