A spectacular widescreen experience

No printing costs

to emphasize your business partners. Add promotional banners and video, harnessing the wide visibility the board allows… Before, during and after the match.

Information and statistics

about teams and rosters entertain the audience: get scores, timeouts and substitutions from e-Scoresheet, individual and general statistics from Data Volley.

Direct video recording

surprises spectators: take advantage of the ease of use of the interface to add graphics and music and let your audience be part of the show.

Up to 2 external video signal

managed at the same time. Broadcast the referees’ critical decisions from Video Check, replays of the highlights from local TV.

Automatic management

of videos and statistics is available if necessary: in case you are not able to deal with the real time entertainment, you can prepare a schedule in advance and let the software do everything else. 

You just need a computer

connected to the screens to access the interface and let your audience live a fabulous experience. It doesn’t take much to have the best. 

Info and statistics

Involve the spectators inside the venue by projecting in real time the match stats , displaying the team rosters, and the starting six while they wait for the cheers of the spectators

Drive fan engagement levels

Show your spectators the highlights or the challenge request. Frame the benches, the players, the attendance, and much more such as Kiss Cam and Bongo Cam, which make the public part of the show.

Your business partners are always highlighted

Your sponsors are always visible thanks to the fixed or rotating banners and with no printing costs. Your spectators, watching the scoreboard, view also the banners of your commercial partners. You can set the duration and the advertising space as you prefer.

Technical features

The system is easy to install in every venue. One computer connected to the LED screens or to a 4000 ansi lumen projector, it is enough. You can immediately see the difference compared to the normal scoreboard.

Please Note: Volleyboard Windows application is not compatible with ARM processors.


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